Solid. Useful. Beautiful.

We are the secret workforce behind some of the world's best digital experiences

We do everything. From design, to engineering, to project management, to high-end streaming media, and everything in between.

Our kick-ass designers will build you amazing visuals, brilliant user experiences, and beautiful icons. Our engineers will build your product the right way from the start, saving you money in the long run.

Whether your app is large or small, we have the skill to help you make it great.

Strategy and Management

We provide structure, guidance and collaboration to drive your project from strategic, exploratory thinking through tactical implementation.


Whether it’s a design review or a full-on design engagement, our objective in design revolves around simplicity. Our experience, interface and visual designers take a challenge, think through and generate a variety of surprising and inventive possibilities. Our practice is to iterate and arrive at simple and graceful design solutions.


We have one of the world’s best development teams for Mac and iOS, comprised of over 15 full time, senior developers, many of whom are ex-Apple devs. We play nice with others, we’re flexible enough to be embedded into an existing team, offer support while a new team is being built or simply handle the entire development project.

Iconography and Artwork

The application icon is your customer’s first experience with your product. Because we recognize this often overlooked detail, we have one of the industry’s most well-known iconographers and a team of incredible visual artists on tap to get you there.

Production Design

Our production staff is highly valued by our clients, especially those with their own design team. Ridiculously experienced, our production artists craft and prepare assets that meet Apple’s requirements for iOS including Retina devices and, when needed, we produce style guides that include pixel perfect details of the app.

QA and Deployment

We have a small, but incredibly effective QA staff that is in very high demand with our clients. Terrifyingly sharp, our team can serve as primary QA or help out with an existing QA team.
 We also know our way around the iOS and Mac App Stores, and we are happy to help out with deployment tasks such as setting up your iTunes Connect account, getting your application signed and out to your customers. Isn’t that a relief?

Each and every member of Black Pixel was a pleasure to work with. They were dedicated to their craft, always professional, and enthusiastic about their work.

Their team of engineers produced high quality code and delivered consistently. Even when my project brought serious challenges.

— A Happy Customer