The weather. With jokes.

There’s no shortage of weather related mobile apps. But, Funny or Die, the online comedy company with noted co-founder Will Ferrell, wanted something different: a weather app that was also funny. And, they wanted the whole app designed, developed, and delivered in four weeks. We couldn’t resist the challenge.

With Funny or Die handling the jokes, we set out to use innovative design and engineering to distinguish the app from the plethora of other weather applications. We designed a unique experience with an original illustrated icon set, subtle interaction flourishes, and a color palette responsive to the current forecast. With engineering, we focused on performance and scalability. Through daily development builds, constant testing, and tight collaboration with the design team we engineered the app to work perfectly with one user or millions of users.

Weather is no joke

Jokes or not, a weather app has to give people reliable forecasts. Understanding this from the onset, we worked to integrate the necessary weather APIs and to develop the proper data structures within the codebase to ensure the product would always deliver genuine forecasts.

Building the Brand

The app is built to provide real weather information, but it’s designed to give Funny or Die another channel to distribute their content through. Our designs prominently feature their trademark humorous content, and clear calls to action make sharing the content incredibly easy.

Funny or Die Weather was released in January 2015 to industry buzz, high user ratings, and substantial press coverage, including coverage from CNet, Mashable, and GeekWire. Its commercial and industry success is largely due to two things: the app’s simple premise of providing users with information they need alongside a dose of levity they desire; and, the app’s design and development that truly balances delivering value and delight.

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