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2010 was a great year for our company. We annexed the space above our offices and have progressively scaled up our team from 6 to twelve people over the last year. In the last month alone, we have hired a new artist, a QA lead, and some of the best developers in the industry.

As a veteran of the dot com crash, I am very sensitive to uncontrolled growth: I’ve seen far too many businesses grow too big, too fast, and then flame out. Sometimes this is due to an inability to pay for the larger staff, and sometimes this is due to an inability to scale the process and culture that allowed the business to flourish in the first place.

In our own case, I feel quite good about what we are doing: almost everyone we hired has worked with us already as a contractor, or has a demonstrated track record of success in this industry already. We need to make sure that we stay on top of things organizationally, but I feel confident that we have what it takes to succeed.


And now for the change: Chris Clark will be stepping down as Chief Creative Officer and lead designer effective Monday, January 24th.

After helping to build this company to its present state of strength, Chris Clark has announced that he will be resigning as our Chief Creative Officer and joining the team at Square, while maintaining a position on our company’s board. We had several lengthy discussions with Chris, and are very comfortable with his reasons for moving on. We are sad that he will not be actively working with us, but applaud his decision.

To me personally, this means that Chris and I get to stay in touch with each other and that I’m going to have yet another very good friend working at Square. I find it hard to believe that this is a bad thing.


Finally, it is my great privilege to announce that my good friend and colleague Dave Wiskus will be joining the team as our new CCO. Dave’s list of accomplishments is a little long to include in its entirety here, but include CCO of Double Encore, CEO of Massively Overrated, and co-founder of Coathangr, just to name a few.

Dave’s design skills and business acumen will make him a valuable addition to our team. Dave will be responsible for the continued growth of our design team in addition to leading the design direction of both our internal and client projects.


I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with so many amazing individuals. I am grateful to Chris for helping build this company and shaping the culture of design at Black Pixel, and am I grateful to Dave for coming on board to help nurture that seed and bring it into full flower. I have managed to bring some the best developers and, truly, some of the best people, that I know into this team.

I am eager to see the results of our collaboration and teamwork.

-Daniel Pasco, CEO Black Pixel

Daniel Pasco

Daniel Pasco

Daniel is the CEO of Black Pixel. He tweets at @dlpasco.