Versions and Kaleidoscope

By Dave Wiskus

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Black Pixel is proud to announce that we’re the new owners and developers of Versions and Kaleidoscope.

When Sofa was acquired by Facebook a few months ago, the decision was made that the Sofa team would retain ownership of their flagship products in order to sell them separately; Facebook acquired an amazingly talented group of people, but they’re in the business of making Facebook. Having already been through the process of taking over a beloved set of apps with NetNewsWire, we approached Dirk and his team to see if Versions and Kaleidoscope would be a good fit with us. Much like NetNewsWire, we’re all users and admirers of Sofa’s work, and the opportunity to be a part of that legacy was too interesting to pass up.

Recently we talked about our growth and our intentions to continue growing. Our design staff has doubled in the last two months, and Black Pixel as a whole is on track to follow suit. We have worked diligently to build our internal products group in anticipation of this announcement: I (Dave) will be leading the product roadmap and design efforts, and we’ve scaled up our existing product team in order to take on these new applications without having to dilute our efforts on NetNewsWire.

We are, of course, still hiring, so if you think you may be a good match for our team, please contact us.

We’ve had some very interesting conversations with Dirk and company in the course of this acquisition, and are working closely with them through the handoff to ensure that current and future customers continue to see the level of care, quality, and service that they’ve come to expect. Sofa has set a very high bar. We intend to meet it.

Versions and Kaleidoscope join the NetNewsWire suite as the Black Pixel family of products. We will love them and care for them as if they were our own, because they are.