Testing iOS-specific CSS Using Alfred and the iOS Simulator

By Daniel Pasco

We updated our website this week, and as a part of that operation I spent quite a bit of time tweaking the iPhone- and iPad-specific stylesheets we use for our site.

One good way to do this was using the iPhone Simulator, but you typically get at that by launching Xcode with an appropriate project. I’ve been using Alfred ever since I was introduced to it at SecondConf by Phillip Bowden, and I realized it’d be really convenient if I could kick off the simulator using just a couple of keystrokes.

Here were the steps I used:

  1. Find the path the iPhone Simulator. I did this by launching the sim from Xcode, then right clicking on the Dock icon and selecting Options->Show In Finder. Once I had that, I right clicked on the Applications folder showing at the top of the Finder window’s toolbar. This showed me the full path to the current folder.

  2. The next thing to do was add the path to Alfred so it knew where to find the sim’s executable. I did this by hitting option-space bar, and then clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of Alfred’s popup window.

  1. You can add the path by selecting the Features tab from the Alfred UI, then hitting the plus button at the bottom of the Search Scope area.

After that, you’re done. Invoke Alfred by hitting option-space bar again, then type ‘io’


Daniel Pasco

Daniel Pasco

Daniel is the CEO of Black Pixel. He tweets at @dlpasco.