Black Pixel Welcomes Michael Jurewitz

By Daniel Pasco

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I am thrilled to announce that Michael Jurewitz will be joining Black Pixel in a director-level position and as a partner. Michael recently left Apple after working for seven years in Apple’s Worldwide Developer Relations team.

Since we first met Michael it was clear that his values and ours were very much in sync. We are passionate about making great products for Apple platforms and Michael joins us in that passion.

Michael’s role at Black Pixel will be a broad one: He will join us in working directly on client and internal software projects, will work with our engineering team to maintain technical best practices, will work with our design team to ensure our user experiences remain simple yet powerful and beautiful, will assist with identifying strategic directions and planning company priorities, and will help us maintain the high standards of excellence that our clients expect of us and that we expect of ourselves.

Michael and I have spent an unbelievable amount of time talking over the years, both in the abstract, and later, in more concrete exchanges of ideas, goals, and viewpoints. Michael, to me represents some of the very best things I have come to know about Apple’s culture: He is hard working, practical, concerned about the big picture as well as sweating the details, and he is driven to make whatever he is involved in the best that it can possibly be.

The people I work with at our company have consistently demonstrated some of the highest levels of excellence I have ever seen in this industry. The directors in our company are heroes to me: each of them contributes to the well-being and leadership of our company in different, complimentary ways, and they are some of the greatest people I have ever worked with. Michael will be joining us in our efforts to make it even easier for our team to rise above the rest, by pitching in where help is needed, removing obstacles as they occur, and providing leadership where the need arises.

As an Apple Evangelist, Michael has long been a well-known person in the development community. I am unbelievably happy that when he decided to join the community, he chose to join Black Pixel.

We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Michael to our team.

Daniel Pasco

Daniel Pasco

Daniel is the CEO of Black Pixel. He tweets at @dlpasco.