Black Pixel Welcomes Chris Clark

By Daniel Pasco

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I am pleased to announce that Chris Clark has returned to resume his role as an active partner and Chief Designer at Black Pixel. Chris rejoins us after two years helping revolutionize mobile payments at Square.

Chris was instrumental in defining Black Pixel's design culture and helped lay the path for our design team's growth over the last few years. In that time Jaimee Newberry, Phil Letourneau, Olivier Charavel, Ken Finney, and John Marstall have come on board and contributed their expertise to create great products.

Chris brings a wealth of expertise including phenomenal user experience design skills, unsurpassed attention to detail, uncanny iOS and OS X platform knowledge, and a strong sense for product strategy. Chris raises the bar for quality higher than anyone I have ever met. His addition to our talented design team solidifies Black Pixel as a center for beautiful design and skilled engineering.

My individual experiences of working with Chris Clark and Michael Jurewitz have been amazing. Working with both of these aces on the same team defies articulation, except to say that they play off of each other's strengths with unbelievable virtuosity. I'm incredibly excited at the work we have in store under these two in 2013.

Welcome back, Chris. We missed you.


Daniel Pasco

Daniel Pasco

Daniel is the CEO of Black Pixel. He tweets at @dlpasco.