Comparing Text from Anywhere with Kaleidoscope 2

By Michael Gorbach

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In Kaleidoscope 2, we’ve added several new features to make it faster and easier than ever to compare text, images, and folders. Today we’d like to show you a simple way to compare text or images from anywhere on your Mac with Kaleidoscope using OS X Services.

One of the best things about Services is that you can use them to compare several pieces of text directly, without worrying about saving each snippet to a separate file. Let’s take a look.

The quickest way to find Kaleidoscope’s text comparison Service is to look for it in the “Services” section of the context menu that comes up whenever you right click on selected text. Select the text you want to compare, choose the “Compare Text in Kaleidoscope” service from the context menu, and Kaleidoscope will launch and pre-populate a new document with your text.

To add more text simply select “Compare Text in Kaleidoscope” for any other text selections and Kaleidoscope will automatically add them to the same comparison document.

There are two other ways to get to Kaleidoscope’s services. You can find them in the “Services” menu of the Main Menu Bar, under the name of your current application (for example, under Safari → Services in Safari). For even more speed, you can assign keyboard shortcuts directly to “Compare Text in Kaleidoscope” so you can use it without taking your hands off the keyboard. Open System Preferences, go to the Keyboard preference pane, and select “Keyboard Shortcuts” at the top of the pane. Select “Services” from the list on the left, and you’ll find Kaleidoscope’s services under the “Pictures”, “Files and Folders”, and “Text” groups on the right.

At Black Pixel, we use this feature constantly to quickly compare bits of text. We hope you find it as helpful as we do.