NetNewsWire 4 Open Beta

By Daniel Pasco

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NetNewsWire 4 for the Mac is now in open beta! You can download the latest build here:

It's all about the user experience

There's a lot going on with RSS and news readers right now, but our primary focus is always going to be a killer user experience. The goal of this release is to ensure that the core reading experience is top notch.

We've had to be patient while working on NetNewsWire up to now, and we are going to continue being patient throughout this release. The basic game plan will be as follows:
1. Kick off the open beta
2. Continue our work on sync
3. Start rolling out sync to select beta testers
4. Continue to add cool features to NetNewsWire 4
5. Ship the completed version of NetNewsWire 4, including sync

NetNewsWire 4 will be totally free to use until we ship the completed version, with sync. The final version of NetNewsWire 4 will sell for $20, with a discount for users of NetNewsWire 3. Anyone can preorder NetNewsWire 4 during the open beta for 50% off the final price.

The current designs for the iPhone and iPad versions of NetNewsWire are being revisited following Apple's announcement of iOS 7.

Daniel Pasco

Daniel Pasco

Daniel is the CEO of Black Pixel. He tweets at @dlpasco.