Now Hiring: Recruiting Manager

By George Dick

We have an amazing team at Black Pixel, and we get a huge number of great resumés whenever we announce that we have an opening. We want to make sure that the people we're hiring are a great fit for our team, and we're reaching the point where we will need a recruiter to help us stay on top of finding and identifying solid candidates and overseeing the interview and hiring process. We're also interested in reaching out to people via different channels in addition to the ones we regularly use now.

We would like to hire someone who apart from being able to interview people is able to organize (and keep organized) the hiring process so that any manager can quickly poke their head into the machine and see how things are going and who is in what state.




You will work directly with our management team to determine our hiring priorities, and to make sure that we find the best possible candidates for any open position. You'll create job postings and place them, and do initial screening interviews for all applicants. You will also work to manage the entire interviewing and hiring process for potential employees.


  • A demonstrated track record for finding and hiring great employees, ideally in a technical environment.
  • Great interviewing skills.
  • Willingness to learn more about what we look for in our employees.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills


  • Comfort using applications such as Pages, Numbers, etc.
  • Proficiency using CRM platforms (HighRise, ACT!, etc)


In addition to being a cool job in a great industry, this position also offers:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Great health insurance plan, including spouses, domestic partners, and children

If you think you're a good match for this position, please send your resumé along with a cover letter to

George Dick

George Dick

George is the COO of Black Pixel. He tweets at @georgedick.