Product Announcement: Welcome to the New NetNewsWire

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We're incredibly happy to launch the new NetNewsWire and its free, dedicated sync service. A considerable amount of hard work went into making the next chapter of this legendary and beloved application better than ever. Our goal was to release an update that featured a great user experience, solid engineering, and a modern take on the classic product.

NetNewsWire for iPhone and OS X is available for purchase on the App Store as well as directly from our website. At the introductory prices of $3.99 for iPhone and $9.99 for Mac, you can sync, read, and share all of your favorite articles from one beautiful app. The iPhone version will be updated to a universal app, including iPad and iOS 9 support, later in the month.

NetNewsWire is the best way to keep up with the sites and authors you read most regularly. Download NetNewsWire for iOS and NetNewsWire for Mac and see for yourself. Stay tuned for more about the rebuilding of NetNewsWire, including stories and lessons we learned along the way.

Daniel Pasco

Daniel Pasco

Daniel is the CEO of Black Pixel. He tweets at @dlpasco.