NetNewsWire Today for Apple TV

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We're very proud to announce the newest addition to the NetNewsWire family, NetNewsWire Today for Apple TV. Designed specifically for Apple's exciting new platform, NetNewsWire Today offers a unique way to keep up the with the latest news from the sites you love.

After signing in to NetNewsWire Today, you can view a list of your news sites, automatically synced with iOS and Mac versions of the app; scroll through the sites to browse today's articles; select specific content to view in full-screen mode; and bookmark articles to read later on your handheld or desktop devices.

"This app's performance is exceptional considering the limited amount of time we had to build it," says Black Pixel CEO Daniel Pasco. "I'm very proud that NetNewsWire Today isn't a gimmick. It's a useful and engaging experience."

Since Apple TV does not support webviews, we implemented our own layout engine for seamless viewing of content. But the crowning achievement is the addition of tvOS support for NetNewsWire Core, the foundational library we built at the heart of NetNewsWire.

NetNewsWire Today comes bundled for free with NetNewsWire iOS. If you don't already have NetNewsWire iOS, you can purchase it from theĀ App Store.