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On September 9, 2015, Apple unveiled the latest version of Apple TV and announced that its dedicated app store would be open to third-party developers. Since then, our team has worked on multiple Apple TV projects, including high-grossing news app NetNewsWire Today.

Throughout the learning process, we collected some helpful tools for designing and building Apple TV apps. If your company is ready to reach people through this immersive platform or you just want to explore tvOS for yourself, these are some good resources for getting started.

tvOS Developer Documentation
Apple's official tvOS documentation contains all the essentials to take you from design to distribution.

Human Interface Guidelines
This resource contains recommendations and best practices for designing and developing beautiful, consistent experiences for your users.

Getting Started with Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines
Black Pixel CCO Phil Letourneau highlights the most important aspects of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Apple TV: A World Without Webviews
Webviews are found on almost every platform except tvOS. Black Pixel CEO Daniel Pasco discusses what that means for developers and users.

Apple TV Tech Talks
Apple TV experts share in-depth information and instructions on designing and building tvOS apps. You can watch the video sessions here.

Migrating to Apple TV: The Basics
Pasco discusses some key things to consider before building apps for Apple TV.

Designing for New Apple TV: A Sketch Starter Kit
Black Pixel Design Director Tom Carmony explores tvOS design with Sketch.

An Interface to Be Shared
Adam Michela offers lessons learned from designing and building Airbnb's app for Apple TV.

App Annie Top TV App Charts
From searching for what's available to what's most popular, developers can glean helpful insights from App Annie's new charts.

With the new Apple TV in its infancy, there is still a lot of potential for both the platform and the content it brings. As Tim Cook said at last September's Apple Event, "The future of TV is apps." It's up to all of us to seize the opportunity and carry this vision forward.