Announcing Our New Web Services Team

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We're excited to announce the formation of a new Web Services Team at Black Pixel. Over the last few years, there has been an immense need from our clients to build responsive mobile websites and full-stack services for native mobile applications. By creating a Web Services Team, we can continue exceeding our clients' expectations while upholding our standards of excellence company wide.

Director of Web Services Brad Cerasani will lead this group of seasoned Web developers as they apply their expertise to fulfilling all Web- and server-based deliveries within our organization. In addition, they will expand our experience and knowledge in this flourishing area of development.

"It's clear that to be successful in the Web services space, a more cohesive effort is needed," says Vice President of Engineering Rich Wardwell. "As demand for these services grows, this team will continue offering our clients the world-class support we're known for."

Cerasani has been instrumental in seeing our past Web projects to fruition. This new group will build upon those past successes, creating fast, scalable products with an emphasis on performance and stability.

"The formalization of our Web Services Team is an exciting next step in the evolution of Black Pixel," says Cerasani. "With back-end and front-end development groups now operating under the same umbrella, we're able to work with greater focus and efficiency than ever before."

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