Introducing Luminance, A Black Pixel Icon Set

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We're excited to share Luminance with you! This free Black Pixel icon set is available for download on Dribbble now.

With over 19,000 assets, this complete collection is perfect for iOS, Android, and web projects of all shapes and sizes. Each icon is available in a variety of file formats, stroke weights, and fills, and they're all 100-percent vector and scalable.


The three icon styles are meant to work as drop-in replacements, so you can use the 2 point or solid version as selected state for the 1 point, or use the solid version as selected state for the 2 point. Of course, you may use them in any which way you prefer.

Here are our recommendations for the best file formats to use on different platforms:

  • Sketch: You can use either SVGs or PDFs, but Sketch imports PDFs a bit better. Simply drag in the icon you want.

  • Illustrator: PDFs are the best way to go.

  • Photoshop: Use PNGs, unless you want a Shape Layer. In that case, open a PDF in Illustrator, copy the paths, and paste them into Photoshop. Importing a PDF or SVG will result in an embedded smart object.

  • macOS Development: Use 1x PNGs and 2x PNGs for HiDPI, or use PDFs.

  • iOS Development: Use 1x PNGs for tvOS and non-retina iPad, use 2x PNGs for iPhone and retina iPad, and 3x PNGs for iPhone 6 and 7 Plus, or use PDFs.

  • Android Development: Use 2x PNGs for xhdpi and 3x PNGs for xxhdpi.

We can't wait to see these icons in action. Download Luminance, try it out in your projects, and share your work with us on Twitter using the hashtag #BPXLicons. Also, let us know if there are concepts you'd like to see included in a future expansion set.